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Whilst the Moulin Rouge is indisputably the most famous cabaret spot in the whole of Paris and a favourite with visiting tourists from all over the world, it can also be very expensive, particularly if you are travelling as a group and require multiple tickets. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of alternative cabaret and nightlife tours in Paris that allow you to experience a taste of the glamour and extravagance of French cabaret without putting you out of pocket.

Tour name and descriptionPriceDinner included?
Au Lapin AgileWine Tasting - A 3 hour walking tour and wine tasting tour in Paris, led by an English speaking guide. Discover French wines and experience the historic districts of Paris and its famous buildings including Notre Dame and the Pantheon. Cheese and Charcuterie are not included in the tour but walkers can order a plate in anyone of the bars visited. The tour ends at 6.30pm near the Latin Quarter, the p[erfect place for dinner.
From £59No
Lido CabaretLido Cabaret Show with Dinner and Transport - This fantastic value tour combines a delicious three course meal with dancing and a ticket to the incredible Bonheur show at the Lido cabaret, located on the famous Champs-Élysées. After being transported to the venue by luxury coach an orchestra will play you through your meal and half bottle of wine, after which you can dance underneath the chandeliers until the main show begins. Settle down with a glass of champagne and watch the Bluebell Girls in their enchanting performance.£134.74Yes
Paradis Latin can-canParadis Latin Dinner and Show - The Paradis Latin is the oldest cabaret venue in Paris, and will immediately impress with its opulent interior and sumptuous French food. Enjoy a three course meal with wine and champagne before being dazzled by the spectacular cabaret show, which weaves together risqué can-can, vaudeville and circus acts to create an unforgettable display. There is a choice of three dinner menus, all of which reflect the decadence of the Paradis Latin.£106.92 and upwardsYes

Things To Do in Paris

A Moulin Rouge or alternative cabaret visit is a must for Parisian nights, but during daylight hours there are lots of other fascinating and exciting aspects of the capital that merit exploration. If you’re stuck for ideas about how to pass the time, have a look at our favourite Paris days out for inspiration!



Pere Lachaise walkway

Père Lachaise Cemetery – located in the bohemian district of Belleville, this sprawling mass of architecturally stunning tombs and crypts is the final resting place of a plethora of artists, thinkers and political figureheads and makes for an interesting (and free!) afternoon walk. Wander around the winding streets of the cemetery, making sure to take a picture of the map at the entrance in order not to get completely lost, and admire the diverse mixture of grand monuments and cracked slabs that constitute this eerie ‘city of the dead’. Amongst the avenues are the graves of famous names including Edith Piaf, Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison, Balzac and Maria Callas.




Inside the CatacombsParis Catacombs – Paris harbours an entire underground world beneath its cobbled streets and wide boulevards, spanning not just the Métro but a dense network of tunnels and enclaves that are the remains of underground quarries. The vast majority of these are shut off to the public (although this hasn’t put off a small subsect of Parisian society called ‘cataphiles’ who persist on sneaking into this subterranean labyrinth), but it is possible to embark on a tour of a small section at Place Denfert-Rochereau. Explore dark passages packed with the bones of unidentified Parisians that were transported there many centuries ago due to overcrowded cemeteries, and marvel at the engraved death poetry that is dotted along the walls and pillars.




Disneyland Paris – And now for something completely different…a world away from the dank tunnels of the Catacombs and indeed in a world of its own, Disneyland Paris is a thrill-seeker’s wonderland and children’s paradise with a huge selection of rollercoasters, special effects tours and other rides. Split into sections such as Adventureland, Frontierland, Fantasyland and MGM Studios, there is something to appeal to everyone and the daily parades are a sight that will stay with kids for years to come. Disneyland is not a cheap day out at around £51 per adult, but does swallow up a whole day with its multitude of attractions and is a definite change of scene from the picturesque Paris centre.


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