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If you’ve been inspired either by a visit to the real Moulin Rouge or by Baz Luhrmann’s 2001 film of the same name and want to recreate the look yourself for a fancy dress party, the internet is awash with options to bring out your inner Satine or can-can girl! We’ve collected some of the best places on the web to buy Moulin Rouge-themed clothing and accessories, as well as make-up and hair tutorials to set off the outfit.

Moulin Rouge outfit

Moulin Rouge Costumes

The idea of the Moulin Rouge is synonymous with burlesque and glamour, so to really put together something beyond the ordinary it might be worth considering some of our recommended online costume shops. Whether you want a super-revealing corset combo and suspenders combo or a more elegant dress, there is something to suit everyone!

Fancy Dress Ball carries on the trend for burlesque costume, with lots of corsets, tutus and theatrical dresses included on the site.There are some creative twists on the theme, with outfits such as Marie Antoinette, circus lady and Cabaret character all part of the fun.

Props N Frocks have set up a page devoted entirely to Moulin Rouge costumes, from the traditional can-can dancer to the notorious ‘green fairy’. There are even fancy dress options for men with the Charles Zidler costume.

If all else fails and you can’t find anything quite suitable, there’s always eBay! The site has thousands of costumes and accessories along the theme of Moulin Rouge, so you can customise your outfit to suit you.

Moulin Rouge Make-Up

Don’t let the Moulin Rouge theme stop at your outfit – flamboyant and seductive make-up is essential for completing the look! Try the following online tutorial for perfect showgirl eye make-up that will really make you stand out.


If you’re a Moulin Rouge fancy dress or make-up site and want to add a link to this page, get in touch by leaving a comment and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

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